How Old is Old

by Frank on September 19, 2013

I frequently let the dogs out for a walk at the Post Office. There’s a creek runs behind it. Washed up on the bank is a hand hewn bridge timber.

Back when we worked for Dysfunctional Ltd., we were supposed to be impressed by the age of Europe. The Georgian blocks in Dublin and Cork are beautiful. They are the same age as that hacked up log, and no fancier that Louisburg Square, which is actually older. (Anne was queen then)

I know there are actual ancient sites in Ireland. But day to day life, Vermont is older. New Hampshire and Massachusetts, 150 years older than that. Which BTW is about the age of their family quarrel.

Back in Marlow there is a meter diameter sugar maple growing from the top of a stone wall. It is dying of old age. Here, there is an ice saw hanging in the barn. Somebody put it there one spring, and it’s never been taken down.